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5 tips for keeping your dog active

1. Play Fetch

Teach your dog to play fetch or frisbee! This old tried-and-true form of fun obviously gives your dog a workout but have you stopped to think about what it does for you? Every time you throw the ball you’re working out your arms and building endurance. If your dog doesn’t quite have the gist of the game yet, you’re likely doing a lot of the fetching yourself.

2. Play Soccer

Dogs don’t have to be limited to tennis balls, though they do love a nice bounce of fuzzy yellow ball, don’t they? You can also play soccer with your pup! While you might not be running as much as the pros who average nine miles a game, you’re going to be in for a great cardio session. Plus, once your pup is interested in the ball, they won’t take their eyes off it.

3. Doggie Dash

Most dogs can’t go for long runs without proper conditioning but they all love a good race! Go for a quick run around the backyard or across it from fence to fence. Your dog will likely win but they promise not to let it go to their head, as long as you make an attempt to keep up. If they have the stamina, slowly work up to a jog around the block. Just make sure to keep your pup hydrated (and yourself too!) and pay close attention to make sure you’re not asking too much of them. Remember, dogs don’t sweat like people do so they are more likely to overheat.

4. Walk Together

If running is out of your dog’s league for now, just go for a walk. But don’t think of it as taking the dog for a walk, just think of it as two friends going for a stroll, enjoying time together, and just enjoying life. Not only is walking good cardio but it is also great for improving your mood. Walking is just a healthy thing to do, so why not enjoy it with your best friend?

5. Take a Hike!

If you enjoy walking with your dog but find it to be a little too ordinary, try hiking! Most cities have plenty of hiking trails you can enjoy together. You can change up the scenery and your dog will have lots of new smells to explore. To get started, check out these quick tips to ensure a safe hike with your pup.

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