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Haircuts For Your Doods

Goldendoodles are one of the cutest and most adorable dogs on the planet with their curls and teddy bear faces. In order to get your Goldendoodle to peak cuteness, you’re going to have to groom your Dood’s hair (i.e. daily brushing and regular haircuts) or your Goldendoodle’s hair will get matted and you’ll have to shave it all off. This is due to the fact that most Goldendoodles don’t shed much because of the curly coats and hypoallergenic features that they inherit from the Standard Poodle.

The Goldendoodle Teddy Bear Cut, also known as the Goldendoodle Puppy Cut, is by far the most popular type of Goldendoodle haircut. The Teddy Bear haircut gives the Goldendoodle short hair all-around between 1-2 inches in length — some groomers will cut down to 3/4 inch length if you want a shorter haired look and don’t want to go to the groomers as often. The standard puppy cut looks great and is cute on many different types of curly haired dogs.

Goldendoodle Teddy Bear Cut features:

  • Most common Goldendoodle haircut

  • Evenly shaved throughout the body – Approximately 1-2 inches in hair length

  • Easy to bathe and clean your dog

  • A Goldendoodle short hair style cut

  • Ideal to prevent matted curly hair

  • Goldendoodle looks younger with a fluffy and smooth look

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