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If you’d like to provide one of our puppies with a forever loving home, you can make a deposit through PayPal.  Simply select which type of puppy you’d like to make a deposit for below and click “Buy Now.” You can also send a deposit by mail if you choose, please message me that is the route you will be taking.  

A 3% fee (for PayPal) plus tax, will be added.   Deposits are non-refundable unless the female does not produce a litter, in which case, you will have the option to transfer to any other reserve list. 


Our Goldendoodles, Englishdoodles and Sheepadoodles are between $2,500-$3,000(depending on size and color), our Toy Poodles are $2,500  plus Minnesota State sales tax will be added to your total balance due which is currently 6.875% (if you live in MN or are picking up the puppy in MN). If you paid the reserve fee of $207.00  that amount will be subtracted from your total at delivery time.  

We DO NOT accept final payment through PayPal (unless this is prearranged).  Venmo payments can be arranged.   Preferred payment for balance due is cash, cashier check or if you prefer to pay with a  personal check, I must receive it 2 weeks prior to the puppy leaving, made to Country Trail Pups. You will receive an invoice the week prior to your puppy coming home.

Final payment is due when you pick up your puppy or when your puppy is delivered. If we are flying your puppy, payment will be required before the flight.

Please don’t worry if you have not received your invoice, it’s coming!  The last week is spent doing invoices and health records for the whole litter, as well as finishing up deworming and vaccination protocol.  We are very busy the last week before your puppy’s graduation. 

Thank you so much for your patience!

We are honored that you would choose us as a breeder.

Thank you!

Health certificates are required for any puppy crossing state lines. Our vet charges $45.00 for

this service, which will be added to your balance due, if you live in a state other than Minnesota. Your puppy will be ready to go home at the age of 8 weeks old, with some exceptions where he/she may be held to stay with momma a little longer.

We will be happy to make arrangements to deliver your puppy by automobile to one of the following locations  $50.00 to Grand Forks and Fargo, ND.  $75 to Alexandria our regularly traveled locations.  Delivery for further, out of state deliveries can be negotiated. If you live out-of-state and prefer to fly, we will meet you at an airport in Grand Forks, ND, Fargo, ND, to pick up your puppy. There will be an additional mileage fee for traveling to the airport. Grand Forks and Fargo, ND $50.00.  If your puppy is doing an extended stay beyond the 8 weeks (per your request) there will be a $100.00 fee for delivery to any of the above locations.  If you want to fly into the Minneapolis airport, you will need to make arrangements to meet us in Alexandria.

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